How to Unblock Chat Line Telephone Numbers.

Package One: 100 Minutes = $9.95 or  9.9-cents per minute
Package Two: 240-Minutes  = $19.95 or 8.2 -cents per  minute 
Package Three: 10-Hours = $39.00 or  6.5-cents per minute
Package Four: 21-Hours = $69.00 or 5.5-cents per minute 

Are you tired of the phone company blocking access to your favorite chatlines? 
Outraged that the phone company says you can call anywhere, anytime for unlimited minutes, except chatlines! 
We are too. So that is why we took action.

We are leasing our own phone lines and making them unblockable. The cost is a few pennies a minute, but you’re guaranteed access to the chat line.

 Here is how our chatline works:
You buy a block of time, 3-hours, 5-hours, etc and you can call us as often as you want, talk as long as you want during the period of time that you have bought. 
You have 3-months to use up all your time.

There are no commercials and short instruction messages.
We accept, Visa/MasterCard/Discover.
To order or call the chatline dial: 1-833-444-2428 

You must always call the chat line from the number you placed your order, otherwise the call won’t go thru.
That is important. Whatever number you dialed in from to place your order, you must always reach the chatline by dialing from that same number.

Here is our price list: